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        History timeline


        1930 Creation of the company, whose core business is the manufacturing of

        ??????? ? ??? keys, in Villefranche Sur Sa?ne by the current CEO's grandfather.

        1973 GARDETTE SA bought Planche S.A, a manufacturer of compressors and

        ? ? ? ??????? pumps and settled down in the city centre.

        Europe-Couronne was bought by the company SKF. The same year,

        ?????? ? ? ?? GARDETTE SA bought SCM, a Parisian competitor while extending its

        ????? ? ? ??? sales network to all the Parisian Region.

        1986 ?Mr Philippe?GARDETTE succeeded his father at the head of the company.

        ??? ? ? ????? Then, he founded LPI (La Production Industrielle) that specialized in the

        ???? ? ? ???? production of special parts for automotive industry.

        2004 Buying of LGC (La Goupille Cannelée) to PSM Fixation group in order to

        ?????? ? ? ?? complete the fastener, assembly and transmission business.

        2004 Creation of the group P3G.

        Creation of the EIG PFT in order to answer the automotive sector demand.

        2010 Creation of the subsidiary LGC Gmbh

        2010 Integration of the company GFIX into the group.

        2011 Creation of the subsidiary Specialfix in Barcelona.

        Non-contractual photos
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